Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day, not without adventure!

I think I had the best Valentines Day ever...thanks to the Love of my Life :)

I knew he was getting last minute tix to the 90's Love Jam concert I'd been dying to see (warning - Im aging myself big time with this post!)..featuring Guy, H-Town, Jon-B, and Al B. Sure - some of my favorites from Jr. High and HS days. My honey ran downtown to get tix..an hour before the doors were to open..only to call me with good/bad news. Good news - he got tix. Bad news - our truck broke down when he parked illegally to run into the box office for the tix. He had to push it uphill a block to find public parking, pay $15 to leave the broken truck. I grabbed his clothes and necessities, headed downtown to pick him up and he went into a hotel to get ready (ha!). We made it in plenty of time for the show, seated 30 minutes before they opened.

H-Town opened..they were awesome. To make things better, they were throwing out roses and teddy bears - I caught a rose, and some witch next to me snatched it, breaking the stem. Karma! Shazam of H-Town said to me, "I got you sweetheart.." and he went back for the last rose on stage, brought it out to me and said "Happy Valentines Day." AWWWWW!!! So I got a perfect rose that didnt get thrown over our heads, and wasnt broken by some snatchy chick. LOL. Did I mention we were front row and center!!?? I dont know how Anthony pulled that off, buying tix a hour earlier..with a PACKED auditorium. He always amazes me! When the usher seated us..I almost died!

Oh within a few minutes Shazam had his shirt off, whip cream all over him, and well...all was good! ;) I will have to add concert pics later.

Jon B was next and he was awesome. I was never really a huge Jon B fan..but after that night, I'll be watching for him. He is a true artist. The sound system failed, and he was real professional, got on his keyboard and was amazing on his own. Aaron Hall of Guy got snowed in somewhere, so guess who showed up to save the show (not that it needed saving - Al B. Sure was phenomenal!!)..Bobby Brown. When he sang Roni, Dont Be Cruel, Rock Wit U, and ended the show with My Perogative...I thought the place would implode. It was amazing. Thanks so much to my baby..he really made my Valentines Day (even if I did feel my age, lol).

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  1. JEALOUS!!!! I love JON B!! And Al B Sure!! :) Lucky you!!!!