Sunday, January 31, 2010

Basketball Mom

I admit it. During football season - I sit nicely in the stands while my honey is coaching and my son and step sons are out on the field. I cheer my butt off, but never really get frustrated. Sure, I love to see my boys score TD's..but I don't get too emotional.

But when my son steps on the basketball court, I morph into this totally emotional, cheering, ref-hating (half the time), basketball-momzilla. I'm not proud of it, and I don't make an ass out of myself or embarrass him (and boy, some parents do!) but I feel it boiling inside of me. Must be because I'm truly a "basketball mom" and my son is truely a basketball player who happens to play football too.

I am glad he loves basketball. He is just as frustrated as me this season because he moved up an age level and now is one of the youngest. He is easily among the two strongest players on the team, but the coach is not utilizing him to his potential. He has been playing point since he was 4, he can really handle the ball and bring it up, and he has HEART. Sure, he has a lot to learn, but he has such talent. This season he is playing wing - Not going so hot (yet). I get that he needs to play other positions, but when the consequence of the coach's position choices (not just my son) is causing us 32-6 losses - OUCH. Last year my step-daughter (who is a senior on the Varsity Womens team at the HS) coached his team, boy do I miss her right now!

I know, I know, its ONLY rec ball (thats what Tony always reminds me)..and that just confirms that I missed the boat having Isaiah try out of AAU this year. I will make sure we do that next season. I want him having fun, and improving his game - I fear he isn't doing either this season. I will concentrate on the positive and his love for the game. The one thing he knows is that when he leaves the court after a loss, I am SO proud of him and the way he played, just as if he won.

I'm planning the end of season party/awards again this year for several teams..I love the whole thing, the Saturday games, the community coming together, the kids, and the end of season party is such a fun way to leave on a fabulous note until next season.

I LOVE being a basketball mom!


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Go basketball mom! :) I also turn into a momzilla whenever my kids are involved in some team activity :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I have to say I suddenly feel less able to complain about how my two kids wear me out (but I still will :)). Thanks for you reply to my discussion on MBC, will be following your blog!


  4. Okay, you're not so much a momzilla. I see momzillas as being loud and obnoxious at games with complete disregard to their child's feelings or their own self control. You're just a healthy ol' supportive mom!

  5. My boys are still little but I know it's going to take everything in my not to be a crazy screaming momzilla!

    Swinging by from MBC! Your blog is super cute!