Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding plans are gonna monopolize my blog for a bit...

It's pretty much  monopolizing my life at the moment. Last night I found my dress!!! I cant post a pic for fear that Anthony will see it. It's gorgeous, and I'm so excited! Nysha and Sadie met me there, and they were both in love with the dress as well.  The dress fit perfectly, and a size smaller than anticpated..yay! I still hope to lose some weight and have it altered, but if not, its still beautiful. I had them try on some bridesmaids dresses, and found one that I LOVE but it doesnt come in the blue I want. UGH! The other one I thought I would love, I didnt care for. So back to the drawing board for the girls dresses. I am going to have Cece, Nysha, and Sadie in the same dress - and have my MOH and Bridesmaids in a different dress. Thats all up in the air..and I need to get the venue first anyway! I also met with the Invitation designer yesterday and im so excited to see how those turn out. She will send me the mock-ups in 2 weeks, yay!

Back to are two I really like from Alfred Angelo..but I really want tea-length or full length dresses for the girls. I like the color Riviera Sky from AA but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm thinking of going to SF to look at the dress outlets for their dresses in April when my BFF comes out to visit/dress shop. We can take all the girls and make a day of it

The last dress with the sash is just beautiful, I could do that in Riviera Sky with the sash in white for the girls. Oh I dont know, so many beautiful choices!
My BFF had her bridesmaids wear black dresses, and it worked out beautifully. I thought about doing that too, except its July and its going to be HOT. Who would think this would be so difficult. The girls technically arent "bridesmaids" but they are going to match the wedding party and be part of the wedding. OK, back to real work now... ;)

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  1. No problem! I remember how wedding plans monopolized my life for a bit! Couldn't do much of anything else. Good luck!