Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our February Adventures...and whats going on with me :)

So far this month, Nysha turned 18(OMG!), We took all the kids skating, Sedrick turned 10, we had our Vday adventure - we've been enjoying the girls JV and Varsity basketball games, and Isaiah's rec games. Three of the boys (Anthony, Isaiah, and Sedrick) start strength and conditioning training for Football next week (even though football doesnt officially start until July!). Anthony and I went to Reno a couple of weeks ago for a friends Baby Shower, and are going back in two weeks for his coaching convention/clinics...where I will also get to have lunch with and meet my paternal aunt for the first time. I'm totally excited about that. I recently reconnected with my dad which has filled a huge void in my heart, and I couldn't be more thrilled. To make matters even better, I am so proud that they (dad and his girlfriend) are turning out to be such wonderful, genuine people that I am so excited to have in my life. Something like getting an unexpected package at your doorstep and the joy at finding its something you've always wanted.  My heart is happy! 

We are also trying to get our wedding planning underway, but seem to hit snag after snag. Today I hit a level of frustration, but it too shall pass. If we won the lottery, this would all be so simple! LOL

Here are some random photos from the month (so far..)..

King Sedrick sits at the birthday throne :)

Little Anthony and Drew goofing around (as usual) at the bday party..

Our 8 kid and two friends getting ready for Pizza -its so good to have everyone in one spot for once!

Anthony and Cece during the festivities

Waiting to go in skating..Cece, Joshua, and Myles. Myles is my kids' step brother (from their dad).

Even the big kids wanted to skate..

Josh getting his big boy skates!

Myles and Drew skating..

Anthony gives skating a thumbs up

Speed skating..

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  1. I'm so freaking happy for you H! You and Brian have sooo much in common. You know he was re-connected with his daughter a couple of years ago (her mom told her and her brother that Brian 'abondoned' them and never let him contact them AT ALL) And now they have a WONDERFUL relationship!! In fact, Jenn is going to be in the wedding!!!

    And... I'm here if you NEED anything girl!

    I hope to see you and A in a couple of weeks. You ARE coming aren't you?!?