Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wedding Stuff....(Freaking Out)

Okay, the big day is 5 months away and I've done a big fat nothing. So this week I got a bug to get going (finally!). I found a couple really great venues (well lots of great ones that were WAY out of our budget)..but I think one of these will work. First, the water district has a facility called Antelope WEL Gardens..very pretty..but I have been unable to get them to return my call today!! URGH!

The other is a community center. Both are super affordable, but getting our date is proving to be a chore, meaning, we may need to be more flexible with our date. Either way, things seem like they will come together nicely once we book our venue. I met with the invitation designers today about Save the Dates, Invitations, and Programs. It wont cost an arm and a leg, thankfully! They are going to be super cute! But of course, I'm keeping them a secret for now! We need to find a good DJ, hopefully we have a lead on that through my BFF. Our cake is a wedding gift from some great friends, which is such a blessing. A great friend of mine happens to be a photographer, so hopefully he can cut us some sort of deal. All of these has me hopefull that we can pull this off without robbing a bank! So for now, the date will either be 7/17, 7/24 or 7/31..narrows it down a bit, huh?

Also found beautiful dresses for our 3 girls to wear, but a little more pricey than I had hoped. Maybe I can find a similar dress for less...we'll see. I've never planned anything, I feel so overwhelmed..but in a good way if that doesn't sound completely nuts! 5 months..and counting down!

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