Friday, January 29, 2010

Mom, what DO you DO at work all day??

I had a particularly rough week with my kids calling me at work this week. It drives me bananas! As much as I love them to pieces, and understand that they want to call now and then, this week..was a DOOZY! My four year old is at preschool until I get off work leaving the older ones to do homework, clean up their messes (hah!), watch tv or play on the pc for a short time until either Anthony or I get home. He works 5 minutes away so most days he pops in after school to make sure everybody is on homework and after school snacks. They find 350 reasons to call me, sometimes for the same thing twice. Why, oh, Why did I give them my work number??

My kids ask me this all the time..what do I do at work?? Usually on the 43rd consecutive phone call from one of them asking if they can make a quesadilla after school or tattling that someone called them a name or took their prized posession. Evidently they think that I don't do ANYTHING at work, and I can leave at any moment because a) they forgot their homework or pe clothes at home (tough luck, kemosabe!), b) they need a ride home from school (those shoes are made for walkin!), or c) they are bored.

I arrive at work where I research, organize, write, correct, badger providers, hold hands, push paper, crunch budgets, unjumble regulations, gather data, and so much more for our various provider contracts. In other words, I wait for my kids to call so I can take care of whatever issue is on their mind at the moment.

The first thing I see upon entering my piling up. I swear it doesnt look like this when I leave in the evening...little elves come out of their hiding places and leave tons of stuff to greet me in the morning. I think its their way of showing me they love me - like your cat bringing you a dead bird and leaving it on your doorstep. Thanks.

Ah, the part of my cube that makes me happy! I have my little shrine to remember my loving family (because they dont call QUITE enough).

Oh wait, cant forget behind me..more room to stack work that I will get to..after I explain to my daughter how to make a grilled cheese sandwhich, for the 137th time. My cube is kind of like a in the front, and all business in the back.

Ahh finally working..wait...Brrrring!
"Contracts, Heather speaking.."


  1. hahaha that is so funny!! my old co worker (before I became a SAHM) use to go through this very same thing ... I found it pretty funny but she wouldnt haha she would even take me many times during her lunch break to drop off something her son needed or what not ... ahhh the adventures of motherhood =) ... found you via MBC! I'm following

  2. LOL This is SO true!! I don't work, but I'll leave the kids to run errands sometimes and I swear they call about every little thing. We have had to have conversations about good reasons to call although it doesn't seem to help! I found you at MBC!