Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We have been planning to create a family website, and that got me thinking that I wanted a place to share what we're up to, photos, etc..as well as the random tings I sometimes just feel like discussing!

Anthony and I have 8  kids~ Josh, Isaiah, Sedrick, Celeste, Anthony, Drew, Sadie, and Tonysha ~ both of us bringing 4 from a previous marriage. It is not always easy blending a family of this size, with all of our busy schedules and endless activities, jobs, school-work, house-work, and everything in between! I'm always looking for ideas about running a big household, menu planning, organization, etc. We are both sort of planners by nature. I love digital design and digital scrapbooking but havent been able to find time as much as I used to, same with traditional scrapbooking. Usually when I have a free moment, I try to grab a good book! Right now Im reading two, What is the What by David Eggers and Obama's book..I believe its called Dreams from my Father.

As for Today, Happy 10th Birthday to my son, Isaiah! It's hard to believe that its has been a decade since he was born - the years are flying by! He had his "friends" birthday party on Saturday at Johns Incredible Pizza..we had so much fun. Anthony is taking cupcakes up to his class today, and we will have our family birthday dinner tonight at Mongolian BBQ (Isaiah's choice!).

February will be a big birthday month for us, with Tonysha turning 18(!!!), Sedrick turning 10, and then Big Anthony at the end of the month..just in time for our Reno Trip (no kids).  We'll also be super busy with girls Basketball (both Varsity and JV), Isaiah's Basketball thru the park, Cece gearing up to start Indoor Soccer, and the boys' off-season Football work-outs. Stay tuned...


  1. Yay for your new blog!!! I love you and miss you girl!!! :)

  2. 8 kids! Wow! Before I realized you hadn't actually given birth to them all I was sitting here doing the math. Like, she had a 6yo, a 4yo, a 3yo, a 2yo & a 1yo?! How is she not dead? The real scenario is still amazing, but much easier for me to wrap my head around! Thanks for stopping by, be sure to come back on Monday to check out a new contest on PBD!

  3. You must be a very busy mom! Found you on MBC.