Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another new creature in the house!

First it was Isaiah with his aquatic turtle, Yoshi. Then Cece got her Guinea Pig, Noodle. Now, Sadie got a Python! It should get to be about 5 feet long or so. I'm not too fond of snakes but the kids are very intrigued by "JAS" - She named it in honor of her and her best buddies, Alexis and Jenna. Sadie is pretty scared of it herself...but Josh is not nervous about JAS at all! In fact he wanted to hold it (with Anthony's help) over..and over and over. :) Sedrick also thought it was pretty cool!

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  1. LOL. DH would LOVE a snake! (Python) THanks for following and for your comment! I am now following too!