Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Been on hiatus...

Wedding planning, kids on summer vacation, work, getting organized to move - this has a been a crazy last couple of months! The wedding is now in 18 days! Time has really flown by! Most details are in place, and Im in "full freak out" mode..but all my wonderful friends are reassuring me that "everything will be beautiful!" I met with the floral gals at the flower market a couple of weeks ago and picked out some great ideas..and I'm excited to see what they come up with. They are amazingly talented! Here is the bouquet they did for my BFF's wedding and the pew arrangements (same wedding)...I love them.

The only real big thing I havent taken care of is my daughter's dress. That's proven more difficult than I imagined since we changed into summery type dresses instead of long formals. They are black (ok not too summary) with Sangria accents for the teen girls (Sangria for the women).

I'm a ball of anticipation! I finally got the perfect dress, I love it. I believe everything will fall into place, and you know what, if something goes haywire..I'm STILL marrying the love of my life, and thats all that really matters. Alll the kids seem pretty excited as well, although that may just be because they get to wear tuxes/dresses and go to a big party :)

As for other news: Summer vacation is going fairly smoothly, only a couple of stumbling blocks - which isnt too bad considering the kids have more freedom than they (and we) are used to, and they dont always make the best choices..but hey, they are kids. 2 in summer school - and both doing very well (TG!), the boys are starting football work outs again after a few weeks of a break (the 100 degree weather is killing them!) - In fact this was happened right after Isaiah walked in the house after their Sunday work out.

Cece had a great trip to DC/NY with her classmates. Here was the group shot at Times Square (see her in the middle..top row, jean shorts, black sweater)..this also happened to be on her 13th birthday :)

Everyone is spending their days at the pool..and I'm trying to get over there as much as possible after work. I really want to get more organized for our impending move (Aug or Sept)..so I may spend some time boxing up things we wont need for summer. No fun but kinda a "have to get done" task.

Until next time...XOXO

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